SAP PS Tables

SAP Project systems is integrated with almost all the modules in SAP. I have prepared this diagram to represent the integration using database tables and their relationships.

Project definition is the center of universe in project systems. Just follow the arrow mark towards Project definition table PROJ. The relation ship between tables are either primary key or common fields.

In this version I have covered,

Integration of Project Systems with
  Finance and Controlling (FICO)
  Cross Application Timesheet (CATS)
  Sales and Distribution (SD)
  Material Management (MM)
  Funds Management (FM)
  Human Resource (HR)
  Plant Maintenance (PM)
  Service Management (SM)
  Quality Management (QM)
  Document Management System (DMS)

Please bring to my attention if there is any issue in this document. I will check and rectify it ASAP.  Enjoy SAP....

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  2. this table relations are really useful. save lots of time to find table with pr data.

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  4. Dear friend,
    thank you for sharing this document. This is actually one of the best diagramms I´ve recently seen.
    I´ve a question: Your comment says, that in the next version you will describe the tables of the Project Portfolio Management.
    How is the status there? Did you already update this?

    Thanks in advance,


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